Category: Digital Art

Series 1: Internal Reflections

Like anything with life, we must nurture our mind and let it grow till it flowers and bears fruit, till it is has grown its wings and can soar up to the skies. This series is based on what entails and encompasses the mind; it is what I think our minds would look like if […]

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Hubris Calls For Nemesis

It is about the moment when we go too far and overestimate ourselves because we are convinced how better we are than others. The picture shows what is really under the facade of confidence and apparent strength. Insecurities, therefore, distance the abyss and the fear of falling, which forces us to stay behind the border […]

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Are you in love with me or with the game?

I chose the rose as a symbol of love and the chessboard as a symbol of the game. Love that is limitless and unconditioned in its fullness and the game that includes boundaries, strategies, rules, and deceivers; two very opposite and yet mostly connected things. It is precisely this difficulty of life to accept the […]

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Destructive Utopia

Destructive Utopia is a state inspired by a road accident I met with in 2016. This was a personal experience which I went through and accepted it to overcome that phase. I met with an accident which changed my emotional as well as physical state in life. This accident had a major impact on my […]

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