Author: Vaidehi Krishnan

Inspired by my Composition Book at school called "Better English" which was so colorful and interesting to work on triggered a kind of hobby in my later years to create and develop my own unique styles which involved "wordcraft" took several forms, styles, sizes and even of late, some shapes too in the form of "Calligrams". I find the deepest absorption and flow when it comes to my involvement with this art and my poems are on several themes with profound messages for the masses grappling with the profound; philosophical to the most mundane things of life.


“At times, try as we might, we are hardly ever taken seriously!” As go voices of a few in a group tackling this issue very assiduously!Some of these tips here, would guide all along such an arduous pathwayHelping with presence of mind to get led to that ‘path-breaking’ doorway!!Let’s begin ensuring credibility – through our […]

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