Author: Usha Dilip

My art is fueled by translating my thoughts onto canvas through colours.

The Heritage House

This old house site was full of life some years ago, but now remains unattended and enshrines memories of bygone years.

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Lotus in a Pond

This painting captures the significance of the lotus – undoubtable purity. Amongst the impurity and disorder around it, the lotus stands atop it all, a crown jewel that is held by the most renown of Hindu deities. The white lotus amidst the pink ones represents my mind, serene and calm, indifferent to everything around it.

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Land of the Five Rivers

This painting is based on the photograph published in the Hindu dated January 25, 2019  Tiruvaiyaru is the place of Samadhi of the great music saint Sri Tyagaraja.  This is the place where the Tyagaraja Aarathi is held every year in his honor.  This photograph inspired me to paint this beautiful place which captured my […]

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In midst of bamboos, and rocky stones a water stream comes gushing and dancing in a waterfall, giving life to grass and flowers while enriching the soil around it. It creates a lush beautiful spot which calms your mind and embraces your soul.

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