Author: Swwati Awasthi

An artist who drapes the canvas with so many shades of emotions in a way that brings life to colours and gives birth to a new character each time. Swwati's artwork is an epitome of creativity. Through her paintings, she embeds feelings in every stroke she makes and leaves a beautiful mark on your heart through her incredible and unique style of presentation.

कुछ है

कुछ है जो दबी है हवाओ में कही जो सर उठाओ तो देख लेना वही खूँटे पे तंगी लमहों की चादर मिलेगी कुछ रंगो में एहसासों की नशीली परछाईं मिलेगी मदहोशी में सनी आख़री साँसे लेता, वो बुदबुदाता बल्ब मिलेगा अपनी ही परत उतारती, वो आँधियो में हिम्मत रखती दीवार मिलेगी उस छत से टपकती […]

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One Soul

A connection between two people that is more than skin-deep. When they come together to share love and pain, tears and laughter, they become more than lovers. They become one soul.

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Lost and Found

A lone bird flies through the autumn breeze, in a forest of ashen bark and naked trees. Just a glimpse of colours one could see, but to try and spot it again would prove to be a task. You may see it streaking in and out sight as it dances through the trees, sometimes lost […]

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