Author: Siri Shekar

Believes coffee can heal anything, and conversations? Even better. Can be found binge watching any action movie with Swiggy'd biriyani at midnight. Travels to different worlds through words. Trying to live one backspace at a time.


Will you forget? You ask. Haven’t you? Already? All the things we had, all the things we dreamt to be? But I don’t really say all that. I look into your eyes. All I see, is fear. Fear of not being so loved. Fear of not finding love again. More so of not being given […]

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Souls on Fire

Cigarettes is a subject that often interests me and I cannot help but write about them. I don’t hate smokers infact, I envy them. This was written with no moral principle, but just a creative attempt on understanding love for smoking. Hush, don’t speakSuccumb to me, I’ll last more than a weekI’ll make you cryI’ll […]

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This was written on an insomniac night, when words were trying to make sense, and the night was just too gentle, I would say. It is probably one of my first poems in my searching-for-meaning-in-life phase. Thoughts, mostly intriguing.They occur only during the nights especially when there’s a connection within yourself that you embrace yet […]

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This piece is the closest to my heart. I had written this with a soggy face, in a noisy crowd, in a classroom, as far as my memory goes. I was evolving and I still am. But I will not hesitate to say that I was a beautiful wallflower. Did I mention, that I can […]

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I always found love a topic too cliche to write on and lust, something that was overly interpreted, so I tried mixing both in hopes of creating something new and something that I would go back and read to my future lovers.You call me at 3 amAnd I succumb you to you, when you’re high.Are […]

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If pleasure could speak

Pleasure, erotica and fantasies are often associated with sex and lust. I simply wanted to bring out the different acts of pleasures apart from making love and this is the result!If pleasure could speak it would talk About the unimaginable joy,Of biting into that juicy mango in the summer heat.It would describe the hands soaked in […]

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