Author: Simran Singh

I am a dreamer, designer and lover for all things aesthetic - and I breathe, dream and exude the vivacious vibe of my work! ​ I started young with my love for colours, texture and patterns and the stories they tell, but most of all I am committed to weaving these elements together, creating these stories. This is why I do what I do - Style, Photograph and Design. ​ Wielding Photoshop, passion and work ethic to fit, I use art to demonstrate and communicate. With a style ranging from Pop to Bollywood, Vintage to Punk - I am inspired by cities I have lived in, the people around me, and a keen sense of what is pleasing. Most of all, it is me- my personality, taste and energy that is reflecting in my work that is what I believe makes my style contemporary and fresh, with a dash of the quintessential Desi. In a world teeming with new ideas and innovations I am excited to witness the continual evolution of the internet and the vast scope of digital marketing, and to be involved hands- on in finding the most creative forms of expression.


You don’t take a photograph, you make it!

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