Author: Shweta Singh

I'm a self-taught artist and, I consider myself an eternal student of art. Though I have worked in various mediums like oil, acrylics, water but, my craving for creation doesn't stop here. I'm always in search of new mediums and techniques. One such technique is addictive fluid paintings, which is what my recent body of work is all about. This is done mainly in acrylic medium. I love so much to witness the mingling of enchanting colors and taking the shape of something mesmerizing.

The Magical Cells

This artwork depicting the magnificent colours forming different cells. Magic of mingling colours with each other is soul soothing. Please follow and like us:

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The Ocean Bed

This artwork is showing the view of the bottom of the ocean. The wandering colourful life here and there keeps the ocean alive. Please follow and like us:

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Sliced Wood

This artwork is depicting the sliced form of wood in an array. The sliced face is showing the rings of bark in a particular pattern. Please follow and like us:

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