Author: Shikha Swarup

What is your role as an artist in society, your local community, and the world at large? From going out of my comfort zone to documenting human history and expressing collective emotions. Most people block out emotions. Then, suddenly, a painting ‘speaks’ to them. At that point, the artist has done their job. For me, it is wonderful to connect with people through my work — when people respond to a painting and really ‘feel’. My paintings are mainly about my inspiration and efforts communicated out there on the canvas, but really I think it is everyone’s expression — I’m just a vehicle.

Urvashi, An Apsara, And King Pururavas, A Mortal by Raja Ravi Verma

One night, they stole the sheep, but as they were making away with them, the noise woke Urvashi who beseeched Pururavas to see what was happening. Pururavas had just woken from slumber and did not have enough time to put on clothes. He ran behind the devas in the nude. The devas managed to make […]

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