Author: Sayan Das

I am Sayan Das, a Kolkata-based watercolor enthusiast. It all started when I was three; I was consumed by artistry and creating new prospects, something that lives in me to this day. If I were to define myself by a phrase, it would be "a buff of art and beauty!".

Sunny in the Woods

Let the sun in and then, there will be dawn. Please follow and like us:

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Sometimes the best place to find yourself is where others get lost. Please follow and like us:

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The Valley

Here the silence that occupies the valley! Please follow and like us:

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The Essence of Self-realization

The human soul is intangible in substance, ambiguous in form and is often left unnoticed. But for those who have seen what there is to see and felt what there is to feel, they find their soul. And that is the essence of self-realization; the discovery of what one is beyond matters of the flesh, […]

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Darkness always leads into the Light

Our paths are not always lit. We may find ourselves alone, stranded in the dark. But like any road that we travel upon, there are always tunnels that we must go through. And the darkness that we find shall always lead into the light. Please follow and like us:

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Life is diverse, ever-changing, unique and often lonely. Not many people have the fortune of finding those that will stay by their side, though you may find many a recluse amongst those that seem lonely. They do not require the company of others, for they have themselves. They perceive life without filters. They sit in […]

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Life in Bloom

A glass vase holding a slowly-withering bouquet of Chrysanthemums. An apt illustration of how life, as beautiful as it may be and as much as we may covet it, is only meant to end. We may use it decoratively, we may allow it to grow as it is meant to or we may completely disregard […]

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This painting is a portrayal of Rabindranath Tagore. It was made in his honor, for he was a man who was blessed with artistic flair. It is the only way I know to remember him and pay him my respects. Please follow and like us:

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A tea garden somewhere in Darjeeling

There is a garden somewhere in Darjeeling, with wooden fence and muddy trails. It was made for tea plants, as most of Darjeeling is. But this particular land seems unkempt and wild, for the tea plants now grow tall and the garden is dotted by clumps of flowers that were not meant to be there. […]

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