Author: Sawab Mukhtar

Being born in heaven on Earth- Kashmir, ironically, the conflict has inspired me to take up writing and painting. Using pen and colors as a weapon, I bring the true picture of my home, the reputation of which has been marred due to cruel lenses of media. I write to feel and to be felt, I paint to stay inspired and inspire.


عید تھی ، سوچا عیدی ملےگیکھ ملی تو تھی، عجیب سی بندوک کی گولی تھی عید تھی سوچا عید گاہ جاوں گا کچھ گز زمین تو تھی، پر خاموش سیکھلا میدان تو تھا وہ قبرستان تھا عید تھی سوچا نۓ کپڈے پہنوں گا کچھ نیا تو تھا صاف صفید سا وہ میرا کفن تھا عید […]

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I will tell Mama!

That day didn’t seem to pass as quickly as I wished because memories are cruel and come back like a boomerang. No matter how far you throw them away, they find you back! And memories which are your worst nightmares are hard to get over with.  Not every day you are scared of people until […]

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A Day in Dal Lake

I stood at a distance, ripples knocked at my feetMesmerized by the beauty, here we meet Wind hissed secrets in my ear ‘Dal Lake I am’ said a wrinkle in the water loud and clear Amazed was I to hear it chatter With a snivel the water began to clatter Cusps of steam winged to […]

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Flames of Blood

Ferocity, cruelty, barbarity, and painKashmir’s progeny butchered in vainBlooded streets and souls ripped apartWounded bodies with a kindled heartTHEY shoot and break bonesTHEY suppose guns are equal to stonesOh look THEY’ve blinded the valeScared caricatures, yet we sailTHEY cremated the cuddly homesThere stands nothing but rags, ruins and domesA mother whose end is nighWaits for […]

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Love or that Drug

The ‘nothing’ between us, the invisible threadIt is like the ‘infinite’ love we shared back then When your smoky breaths calmed me But now, my bones shake of the horror Of The hollow promisesOf The trough of trustsOf the love that runs as cocaine in your veins Today when I am no one Why do I […]

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