Author: Sameena Ahmed

I am completely captivated by colours & textures created by mix media. And that is the basis of my paintings. My inspiration comes from the beauty of colours of nature. And how it can come alive on the canvas. Whether it’s just for my own enjoyment or for anyone else. I mostly work with figurative Abstracts with oil on canvas. My work emphasis beauty & deep human emotions in their purity. I try not to confine myself to a particular boundary when I am creating & let myself explore depth of the piece I am working on. I am also inclined towards vintage & some of my paintings capture the essence of old world charm, which represents timelessness & beauty that brings warmth & character, especially giving it an unfinished, uneven surface in the form of texture use.


Blades of grass are turning brownAs she, with her bright auburn hair,Dances with the trees,Unleashing the transformation,The change, that we are so afraid will comeAnd blow you into the unknown of regeneration. Please follow and like us:

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It’s a wonderful startDeep inside the heart,So pure, it’s instant allure. Words are unsaidBut give so much.For without them it is toughTo be there until the end. Please follow and like us:

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Her heart breaks a little.She cannot lay still enough to sleep.Peeping through her shrouded abode,She wishes that it may not be true. Anguished thoughts in silenceFill the cold space between us;Just nothingness of the soulAnd emptiness in the eyes. Please follow and like us:

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