Author: Sambita Pani

I am an artist. Art is my childhood passion. I love doing drawing and paintings using different mediums like Acrylic, watercolors, oil paints etc. I enjoy following different styles but abstract and modern arts are my favorite. I am very much fascinated with incorporating intricate designs in my paintings also. I took part in several group art exhibitions, organized in different parts of our country and got much appreciation. I gather inspiration from in and around of my life for my artistic Creations. They may be based on specific subjects like spirituality, nature or social issues. I love writing and creating digital arts also. My paintings are my own imagination, I never preferred coping any other.

Our expanding Universe

Our expanding universe created through imagination on the confines of a computer screen,

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The Meditative Soul

Theme of this painting explains how the personality of human beings bloom like flowers with meditation and set them free to uplift their spirits.

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Theme explains the playful Divine Awakening of the Gopis with Shri Krishna, while he played his magical flute during the fullmoon night of MAHARASH.

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Peace – An inward journey

Theme of this painting describes how the peace of mind can only be achieved through diving deep within our own self and not by seeking it in the outside world.

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In a state of Trance

When the body, mind and soul are aligned perfectly, the mind enters into a state of eternal bliss and enjoys the beauty of life, living consciously.

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