Author: Rutuja Dixit

I've been trying to create art since my childhood. It was in 1st standard when I started painting with the simplest of things available. But it was the paintbrush that really caught my attention, and that went on to become my passion. The one thing that I thoroughly believe in is that you don't need to be born talented, you just need that spark, the one thing that will push you into your art further and further until your work shines as bright as a supernova.

Beneath Autumn Trees

The moon has a certain glow to it tonight, one that cannot help but attract eyes everywhere. The night air is chilly, but the people refuse to go back home. They stare upward at the moon, through the autumn trees that rustle in the wind. And in that fraction of a moment, nothing else matters. […]

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The one whom I Love

To spend a day like this, with a pretty view and water beneath our feet, in each other’s arms as we sway across the lake; it would be all for naught if I were not spending it with you. For at the end of the day, you make intimacy blissful, your open arms are home, […]

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On Stage

I have dedicated this particular one to my soul sister, Joyceline. I believe in her and I know that someday, she will be flaunting her beautiful voice on a stage. Please follow and like us:

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She is what others seek, the desire they hold close to their chests. With her lips moist and a poisonous purple shade, she passes men by to fill them with longing, awe, and regret and leave behind a tantalizing scent. Please follow and like us:

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Always & Forever

Always and forever is the only time that I crave you for.Love is an amalgam of a multitude of feelings. In an almost identical manner, paints coalesce into an amalgam of colours that represent the feelings that come together in our Always and Forever. Please follow and like us:

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And though the trees may lose their leaves, they care not for this loss. They remain as they are, changing from green to yellow to brown with the seasons. Could we not learn from them, to adopt change when we must and when we should? Please follow and like us:

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