Author: Rachana Charate

Growing up in an environment where I was encouraged to create and experiment has been with me ever since I can remember. Watching my mother paint made me want to try it out myself. Creating art is a part of me, serving as my getaway from reality. My art style includes realism and caricatures. I like experimenting with the dynamics of character design and architectural drawings. Paper and paint are my go-to media of art.

Northern Cassowary

Elegant and Beautiful Northern Cassowary Please follow and like us:

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A snake is as beautiful as the distance between you both.. Please follow and like us:

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Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Sometimes being different is the only requirement. Just like this Vulturine Guinea Fowl belonging to the wilds of Eastern Africa Please follow and like us:

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The chameleon is a quiet creature. It is slow and patient, it does not much mind its surroundings but it focuses solely on one thing, the capture of its prey. Please follow and like us:

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Doors. They represent many things to many people. They represent new beginnings to some and lost ones to others, a way to return and a way to move on, a place to reach and a place to go on from. And for everyone one of those representations, I find doors to be a beautiful thing. […]

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Nature (Candid) 2

To know more about Rachana’s Nature collection go through the first edition of the Nature series: Please follow and like us:

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Nature (Candid)

Nature, as it is. This is a collection of sketches of animals being as they are, as they have always been. These poses are as real as they can get, for animals are quite honestly, candid. They have no need to be more than what they are or do more than what they are meant […]

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Two women sit side by side, one seeming young and exhuming the vibrancy of youth, the other with a weathered but astute countenance. Their similarities are more prominent the closer that they get; a mother and her child. And though differences are incurred, all things good a daughter can only receive from her mother. Please […]

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The Midnight Palace

I could see the Mysore Palace through the window in my room. It looked spectacular in the distance, shining brighter than any star could. And for all that, it was now a relic of the past. No kings stay in its walls, no tigers prowl its corridors. It now serves as a memory of once […]

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