Author: Parnika Ganguly

I am an intellectual imp with the social tact of a brick wall and the practicality of a unicorn. Literature is the elixir of my breath and poetry, the blood coursing through my veins... Words are the strokes I employ to swim through the gentle undulations of this oddity called Life.


This is a piece I wrote spontaneously, addressed to my anger. It was written at a time when I’d just had a war of words with my family, and I was contemplating my overblown reactions to triggers. I penned this down in rage, sardonically enough, asking Rage to stop pursuing and enticing me, and muddling […]

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I am Amrita

I am Amrita.Born, Amrit. On an April morning, in Safdurjang National HospitalApple of my family’s eye.“Badhai Ho! Ladka hua hai!”Dadaji distributed laddoos to the entire neighborhood. Neatly wrapped in the hospital sheet, Lay someone who’d grow up to be Amrita, not Amrit. Had Dadaji known, he’d have been less enthusiastic with the laddoos. October, 1995. […]

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An Open Letter

To the Lord who governs o’er matters such as these,Yes, to him, Yes! To him I beseech, For a little good fate here and a little good fate there,Would transform my words into entities who ensnare…The senses of you, my holy yet guileless readers,In some instances, even pilots, jesters, washermen or preachers… To pay heed […]

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