Author: Niranchana S.

A sensitive, observant and very empathetic person, I am an architect who finds happiness in seeing the beauty in everything & everyone. I love detail and am passionate about sharing them with people, such as the delicate pollen grains that fascinate me but often go unnoticed by many. Photography is a way of feeling and loving. I find it cool to share our perspective through it. The fine art present in nature is my only inspiration and it moves me deeply. That passion, that emotion from within, is the magical element. I personally feel that photography is an excellent way to express my emotional connection to Nature.

Rays of Hope

On a golden scenic evening as I took this photo, it made me think, ”So the evenings fell for the Night just so that she may show her grace for a while? The sun, being generous by nature, made a day’s end as beautiful as its beginning. And it is always easier to remember how […]

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Tomb of Jama Masjid

The view from the heights of Jamma Masjid is one to behold. As the pigeons flutter, kites fly, flitting in and out of sight during the divine prayers. And I simply choose to feel the evening. Please follow and like us:

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‘Karthigai deepam’ is a ceremony that is carried out during Deepavali, the south-indian festival of lights. It is a small function, but bright and warm all the same. As the lights decorate one’s home, they represent forthcoming of new beginnings. Please follow and like us:

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On a walk through an evening drizzle, I found a pigeon’s feather in a puddle. The stark contrasts of something that was meant to be in the sky being perfectly balanced atop the water that made me look closer into its beauty. Please follow and like us:

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As the Night follows the Light

On a particular evening at the Safdarjung Tomb, I came across a couple that fit perfectly in the frame of light & shadow. It made me think “as the shadow follows a body, the light of day (her presence) is followed by the night (his love)”. Please follow and like us:

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Dynamic Flashes

The streaks of light were stark against the darkness of my workplace, their reflections in the warm light module illuminating the room. Fascinated with the intricacy of it all, taking a photo of it was the least I could do to remember this amazing happenstance. Please follow and like us:

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Intense with the Green

As the clouds cleared up, the rain, now stopped, seemed to have washed dreariness from the world. And in this newly-painted scenery, a single leaf stood out, with a green so deep that I could sink into it. It drew me in and evoked in me a connection that I couldn’t help but capture. Please […]

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