Author: Nidhi Mahesh

I am a business storyteller by profession and a poet by passion. Poetry is a natural way of expression to me, and it pours out at its own Will, in a language of its choice. I also dabble with short stories and have also been the creative mind behind India's first of the children by the children film, which was awarded as the best film at KFK Athens, many years ago. I support businesses in creating engaging content and equip their teams to tell their stories better.


Surrender, they saydon’t fight,accept.Don’t be deceivedby tricks of the mind,reach insidefinda selfgo delveas do Iin questions unanswered.How can one abandonthe quest?Answers eludeQuestions chaseHow can I secludeor, erasethe seismic triggerfor biggeruniversal divinity?Infinity is what I seein what they calltransient.Am I not meantto strive, to proveworth of every breath?There’s no deathyou say, for the soulroll the dice […]

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Being Judgement

Standing in the shadewith lengthening shadowsI see surferssoaring with the tidesCoupleswalking hand in handon wet sand,Kidsbuilding castlesBandanas- bright green, orange, red..myriad hues and colorsfluttering threateningly,almost flying offthe small brown handsoffering them to every passerby.Everyone is living their day,as destinedor, designed.Do they grudge my shade?Or is it mecarrying the guiltof my own idleness? Picture by Sean. […]

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