Author: Mani Ranjan

I am a hardworking individual with a passion for photography. My peers and family have always been my inspiration. But more than that they always gave me the courage to follow my passions.

The Wild

Raw and unhinged, the wild is more alive than anything you can find! Please follow and like us:

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A Drop of Bliss

As the Sun reflects in this drop, everything that has given birth to Nature is captured in that one drop. Please follow and like us:

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Most of us have things we aspire to do, plans to see through and foundations to build. But Life isn’t always simple and easy. We may build up our lives, try to do things right with every step, but Life is like a game of dominoes. All it takes is a push and everything that […]

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The Ripple

The mind is like a water body, fluid and temperamental, often subject to influence by its environment. And these changes may cause the smallest ripple or the largest wave. And to be at peace, we must find the calm in the chaos. Please follow and like us:

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