Author: Lhamu Y S Bhutia

I'm a mandala illustrator and a muralist. I started my journey the first time I visited Bodhgaya. There were some monks creating sand mandalas. The first glance at the mandala had me intrigued. The repeated lines and circles were just so soothing that they triggered a passion to create mandala art. It is like a meditation with creation. Mandala gets you connected to your inner peace and the serenity and beauty of life. I believe it to be a healing process.

The Mural

On walls, halls, and ceilings, history will meet the eye. I am settling for your screen. Please follow and like us:

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Wheel of Life

Many facets, many experiences, many stages, and many people but one wheel. Please follow and like us:

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Beauty in Wrinkles

Beauty is ageless as long as its what you feel rather than how you look. Please follow and like us:

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