Author: Kshitij Pathak

For me, the Road to Sangam is a path to discover myself and in the process embrace my inner artist. I hope to make this a journey of learning and fulfillment and in the process hope to find/meet like-minded people who see the world as I do or vehemently see it the other way!

Literature, the Arab spring for eccentric “ethno-nationalists”?

It is Friday afternoon, Jumu’ah prayers have begun, and the muezzin’s prayer time calls have come to an end. My Muslim brothers recite “Allah Hu Akbar” – (God is great), little did they know that all don’t consider them, their brothers and sisters. An MSSA rifle then tears down their skin at a rate of […]

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An internship for the soul

A time of uncertainty, without guidance;He looks for solace but doesn’t find it;The firms keep applauding him, great milestones! they say,But never offer a cushion of stability. A juncture of anxiety, self-pity, and disbelief;He chooses to be his indefatigable self;Debilitated by constant repudiation;He chooses to ignore it, his inert grief. Possibilities and opportunities, come and […]

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Projective exaggeration – A career mirage?

If I were to take you back to your childhood days, do you remember watching that one character on TV or in a movie and wanting to be just like him or her? As a child, my first thought of ambition was to be a pilot. This was in the late ’90s, and I was […]

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