Author: Kritika Krishna

Though my background lies in engineering, I am a person who loves to play with words and the voice. I am a poet at heart, with my poems written in Hindi (with an Urdu tint) and English. I have also recited my poetry at events. Apart from that, I am good at asking powerful questions and conducting interviews, having conducted some in the past with Heartfulness while I was studying at IIT Delhi.

Lost and Found

You say you are lostI say I am foundIn this whole game of lost and foundLet’s go for an earthly roundFor we talk of stars, skies, and galaxies yet unknownLet’s discover the gems which are knownYes, it’s sometimes boring to live a mundane lifeWhere the mind escapes into the world of imaginationWhere the heart seeks […]

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The Real Freedom

Search outside and it will bind youGo within and it will find you.Eyes are same, lens get changedEverything appears so well arranged;As ifI am alive, I am awakeObserving it with each intake.Ego has gone, self has dawnedThe inner joy knows no bond.For it is free of all the chainsAnd dances in the blissful rain.Tasting each […]

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