Author: Kristen

The way words have the power to move and change so many different things is worth exploring. Furthermore, they have the power to invoke the best and worst feeling and help to understand how to deal with it. Having the ability to be the creative mind that writes them into relatable and meaningfully ways is something you can never truly describe.

sometimes the truth is so simple it hurts

Sometimes the truth is so simple it hurts,Because your mind wants to believe anything but,Fabric the ways it could be happening,The ways you let yourself conjure and create,Sometimes wishing it we true just so you could breathe ‘I was right’,Then knowing you’d never want that wish to come true. Sometime the truth is simple,Laid out […]

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Dreaming with Deaf Stars

How many sunsets have gone by without you?How many nights have gone by without the moon to guide my dreams to yours?To may if you ask me, but the only ones who care are the stars,Lingering in the black sky, casting a glow in the dead of night,And they’ve been too busy granting wishes for […]

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Under the Dreaming Tree

Under the Dreaming Tree I discover you,As though you’d been waiting for a lifetime.You reach your hand out, patiently waiting for me to realize, The fragments of dreams that make up the memory of you.So I sleep and sleep, as you take me underTo a place of distorted reality, that knows neither beginning nor end,Forever […]

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Love: What we can never name

A look into the mind of a person who has lost touch with herself. Jaded and torn from her experiences in life, she looks to others guidance for  answers, a concern or even to blame. #1 When did the art of words lose their deeper meanings?When did I learn to read for popularity rather than […]

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Fire is Fire

Fire is fire, So let’s say we burn this down;Light the match and watch it turn to ash.You and I were too much,Clashed and raged;Each trying to water the others ember,Hoping, in spite, that their flame would flicker and die.What does that make us?Perhaps our fires were too strong because we used them as weapons;Perhaps, […]

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Why do you try and save him?

Why do you try to save him?Change him when he can’t.Like a butterflyFluttering in a storm,You wish to capture and cradle,But, the storm has claimed him.There’s nothing you can do to protect him,He chose this path,And he can’t see it through if he’s blinded by your hands In front of his eyes.You’ll try, God you’ll […]

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I fell in love with Colors

I feel in love with colors once,They’re bright, attractive allure,Drew me in time and time again,Fingers dancing on the edge of my heart,Caressing and sighing, teasing laughter echoed in my head,Colors drew me close, whispered beautiful things,I saw stars in so many different perspectives,Saw the sunset every day and each time gasped with the portrait […]

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