Author: Ishita Bhargava

The Night

Sometimes it’s just the negativity inside us that pulls us down to kill our dreams. This poem, “The Night”, is meant to convey the message that sometimes it is okay to cry and let the anger out in order to move on, pave the way for positivity and success. No matter what challenges life may […]

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Woman: A Selfless Human

In an era where we believe in gender equality, we still deprive to pay women the respect that they deserve sometimes. This poem deals with the feelings of a woman searching for equality while describing her qualities that make her deserve it. People call me a woman,another word for a selfless human.We love as sisters […]

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The Winter of Life

Let’s walk through the relation between the solitude of winters and old age, the desire to become young again, to regain the energy winter lacks and wait for summer to arrive through this poem. The sky was determined to exhibit its cold rage,white polka dots fell over the damp sky.Bringing with them a tinch of […]

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