Author: Eshika Amarnani

"Survivor poetess" with a unique blend of poetry with spirituality in my craft as my inner journey is all about my vivid experiences of my survival instincts healed by my guru's preachings that behold the essence of my writeups. When the world was busy gaining gluttony pleasures and financial high, I was bearing the perks of my karmic deeds by structural damage of spinal cord and the emotional mental breakdown during my bedrest tenure....this gives birth to my writing's which turned into poetry as a survival instinct, therefore my qualifications don't define me or who I am today hence I cannot be put across as an MBA/Jewellery designer...for it no longer holds any meaning now.

किस ओर तू चला है बावरे?

किस ओर तू चला है बावरे?किस ओर तू उड़ा है बावरे?हर दिशां में तेरी ही छवि हैऔर हर छवी में वोह हर शक़्स है ,जिसे तलाश हर वक़्त हैपुकारती है मंजिले जिसे बेहध हैकिस ओर तू चला है बावरे?किस ओर तू उड़ा है बावरे?कतरा कतरा जीता क्यूं है?फिर कतरा कतरा मरता क्यूं है?बिखरे सवालो सा […]

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