Author: Dhaval Patel

A Petroleum Engineer by education, Data Specialist on weekdays and Artist on weekends. I’ve never had any training in the fine arts, but I always had an artistic inclination. The belief that art is one of the strongest tools in the world that can bring about a real change drives me forward and inspires my creations. Most of my pieces are based on my contemporary thoughts which envision to inspire and provoke thoughts.


I find Chess to near-perfectly illustrate life. There are those that hold unparalleled power, while others serve merely to provide a line of defense or as collateral damage and some can jump over their obstacles while others can only move straight ahead. Yet, regardless of how strong you are, if you put your mind to […]

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The Horrors of Kathua

Horrors like the Kathua incident shake my very faith in humanity. We are better than this and the world deserves better of us. While equality is meant to unequivocally protect, respect and honor everyone, it still has a way to go. Please follow and like us:

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We have outgrown our basic instincts and overdone everything, from crossing oceans of water to setting our sights on a sea of stars. We were here on this Earth to cry, laugh and pass on. And then we were humanized. Please follow and like us:

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Precious Smile

Most of our efforts as humans are consumed by protecting, preserving and sustaining smiles as though they are precious possessions. And maybe they are because at the end of it all, life is but a balance sheet of smiles over tears. Please follow and like us:

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Beyond the Water

Beyond the water there lies a frosted peak, white and bleak. As the Sun sinks behind it, the water shows you what will soon be. For the night is falling, and it is beautiful. Please follow and like us:

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