Author: Deepanwita De

I believe poetry can salve all burning nerves, and those who seek wisdom in the written words are artists beyond borders.

Step into my Skin

Step into my skinThe scaly, leathery, half-bakedcovering of my soul Step into my skinIt doesn’t feel the snow.It has long abandonedall inane sensesas it outgrew the womb Step into my skinProbably then you would knowThis moss,did not growSitting at home. Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy (Unsplash)

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I am

I am meditation on the hills I am the sound of the rainI am the petrichor on a dry dayI am an open window and the view outsideI am a dream that you can’t remember   I am the phantasmal of the mind I am the power of the sun I am the buoyant force of […]

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When I met my Soul

Today I met my soulRight outside my front porchIt was apologetic as it said goodbye,And I did not knowWhether to hold or let it go. Picture by Ronaldo de Oliviera (Unsplash)

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For all the timesThat I reached to you And you weren’t there,I prayThat someone else found youIn their solitude,And YOU gave them your hand. You are now forgiven. Picture by twinsfisch (Unsplash)

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In a Bathtub

I am inside the hot bubble bathUp until my chin covered in soft lather.My toes and fingers white and wrinkled, with each fluid atom Rolling across my body Likes waves along the shore. And then, I was consumed with pain. A sudden gush of pain Rising from my stomach and right through my head. Drowning […]

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