Author: Brionii Vardon

The process of ‘making’ is the essence of an experience. When I make something, I try to empty myself and focus on what I feel. You could think of it as removing all the white noise to actually hear the music. I’m mostly drawn into the sheer exquisiteness of black and white contrast, subtle tones and simple expression. But it really depends on the “mood”. And this “mood” is quite an abstract thing, for it could be a thought, a feeling or an object of inspiration. And as all of these come together, I find it most important to consciously connect myself to what my hands do on an intense level. To create something is a special way of affirming life.


It began with a yearning, ever so slight, to capture something of dignity and majesty. I could only picture the background until I made the first brushstroke in white. And then it came to me, to paint the eagle. For only this creature can embody dignity and majesty; an omen of victory for the divine, the […]

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There isn’t anything particularly outstanding or inspiring about this piece of work. I just happened to sit by these two trees and I decided to sketch them. I do like how it turned out though. Simplistic yet detailed, similar yet disparate, all these differences yet they are in harmony. It left me with a thought, […]

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The heart: a place where we keep our deepest desires and our darkest secrets. It’s a place that for many a people would be hard to find and to open harder still. And yet, there are some who hold magic in their palms, magic that they use to find that place you hold so dear […]

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Sometimes, claustrophobia doesn’t refer to the fear of enclosed spaces. It refers to that trapped, suffocating feeling you get due to the obligations, the duties and the responsibilities that you have or that have been forced upon you. They cloud your vision and strangle you. It’s that suffocating feeling that inspired this piece of art. […]

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