Author: Brinda Swarup

Nature, travel , culture and tradition inspires me to create classic art. I try to incorporate my ideas and thoughts in my paintings and sketches. Live art and Love art is my moto.

In the hills

Beautiful yet forlorn, these hills and valleys have stories that challenge time itself.

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Under the Bridge

Under the bridge, aboard a boat, two souls live dreams that stretch beyond the night. 

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Red Poppies with Gold Doodles

The vibrant colour over the flower with the Gold back ground gives grand and magnificent look,and make your wall look elegant

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Love Birds

Love is Universal and Eternal, of which these flamingos are just a postulate

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In Kathakali “Adbhutha ” is one of the expressions

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Blue Poppies

Blue Poppies with golden doodles.

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I am the beginning of the creation, the end of the creation and everything in between

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