Author: Avith Ralph Mascarenhas

I was always fond of writing poetry, with words coming easily to me to build verses. However, as much as I love poetry, my cousin saw the potential that my words had. He suggested that I try my hand at music and put me through to a music director. I found a voice through music for my emotions through, and I only have my cousin to thank for that. After a brief but eventful time working as a music director for the Kannada movie ‘Anchepettige’, my passion for making music grew into an ambition. My muse, my inspiration now, is Life, with words coming to me and catching me off-guard as I walk down the street or perhaps look outside the window while I travel. With role models such as Arjun Janya and Ravi Basrur, I too, hope to inspire many through my music someday.

To, Muse (From Anchepettige)

This music was composed for the motion picture ‘Anchepettige’. I specifically worked on the lyrics and composition.  Badithe Hoovondu (Avith R M & Pruthvi) – A man, broken and morose, as his girlfriend has lost her life. Nanna Kanasina (Singer – Pruthvi Ganiga) – A man expresses his love for a woman with his paintings, […]

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