Author: Ashwini Amberkar

I cannot remember the day when I first started to paint. It’s not like I had a moment of epiphany where I realised that this is what I wanted to do throughout my life. In a way, coming to this decision has been a product of many experiences. Painting was ‘Home’ and ‘I am home now’! My painting focuses mainly on ‘figure’ as its subject. Doing away with photographs for references, I began developing self-portraits and painting figures breaking the rules of anatomy, which seemed ridden with challenges for me. This helped evolve my art form that transformed with time, into a visceral, expressive style and art language of mine, which does not depend on photorealism.

Lilies in a jar

The texture of Lilies are mesmerizing

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Sleepless Moon

‘Sleepless Moon’ is series of paintings, depicting the uncertainty of life and a person’s longing for something distant. The delicate distortions of figures combined with use of intense colours of expression, characterize their imagery.

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