Author: Arun Sukumar

My art is an emotional connection, one that expresses my feelings. And each work of art, I make illustrates a feeling that I share only with the singular moment that inspired it.

The Warm Chill

It’s a snowy night and the road are padded in soft white. My coat is wrapped tightly around me as I blow small clouds into the night air. I wait for the tram to come my way, for home awaits. And as I think of home, I think of her. Indeed, there is a warm […]

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Winds of Change

I’ve packed my bags and said my farewells. This town has been kind to me for many years, but there’s nothing left for me here. I get ready to leave, wearing my helmet and checking the fuel. As I start the bike, I feel a slight breeze, I feel the winds of change.

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Forest Odyssey

Adventures always await beyond the city borders, waiting to swoop you up, pounce on you or maybe sweep you off your feet. But for me, it’s Nature that’s always called to me. And so, I embark on a forest odyssey.

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Time Warp

I was walking down a familiar street when I got lost in thoughts, waking from my daydream to find myself in a street less familiar than the last one. The trees that were green with life were now leafless and with little breath. The modern benches that previously adorned the pavement were now with curled […]

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