Author: Arodipa Chowdhury

Art is my road to escape from the mundane world.Art adds color to my regular boring routine.Whenever I get leisure time I sit with my paint brushes and get lost in the smell of the oil colors. Art is the way I express my feelings,my views.I am in a totally different mood when I sit to paint.I see art in everything.Even a bird sitting in a branch inspires me to paint.I have a dream of exhibiting my artwork amidst many people to let them know about my thoughts and concepts. Art can be comes from within.I just can't imagine my life without art.

Prisoner of Mind

We humans are prisoners of our own thoughts! Please follow and like us:

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This picture is colorful because of the beauty of the Macaws! The background is entirely done by earbuds!! Please follow and like us:

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Behind the Mask

Inspired from the story of Joker this picture tells us how we humans hide our real faces behind the mask infront of the whole world! Please follow and like us:

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At the time of dawn the huge elephants return to their home. Please follow and like us:

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