Author: Annie Anubodhi

After spending half of my life in just wanting and hoping to paint, Bangalore, where I have been living for the past nine years, gave me all the right reasons to actually go for it. The more I went into it, the more I discovered myself. Art takes me deep into a meditative state. In a way, I'm not doing the painting, the painting is happening. That way, each of my works have been nourishing experiences. I am a graduate in psychology from JNUV Jodhpur. I have been part of exhibitions in Bangalore. I regularly teach painting and conduct meditative-art workshops. Life in this world is a precious gift; to make it a little more beautiful, a little more colorful is what I aspire to do. I have been a seeker on the path ever since my childhood and most of my paintings are born out of meditative space.


Gods, celestial beings to whom we pray when we are needful, revere when we are thoughtful and call upon when we are fearful. They have been our deities for millenia, so we may not know much about how we came to believe in them. But they are surely immortalized, in thought and action. We think […]

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