Author: Akash Kumar

I'm a self-taught artist who loves to do experiments with paints. Earlier, I used to make pen works and I loved to sketch. Later on, I began practicing with other mediums. I’ve come to love working with resin through these years of experimentation. Its flow is like melodious music to me. I now work mostly with acrylics and epoxy resin.


There’s a pretty woman, with a summer hat and a dazed look on her face. People who look at her would see that she is surrounded by what they can see, but she sees so much more. Birds and dolphins dancing around her, colors floating around, her imagination paints a pretty picture over the mundanity […]

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An Evening with my Father

Two silhouettes are seen exiting an old monument, a father who has brought his son out for a day of sight-seeing. Few words are spoken, for the man does not say much and the boy is overcome by awe. And yet, despite the lack of conversation, the boy will always cherish this memory. He will […]

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Waves crash onto the shore, erasing the footprints of those who had walked before. It is a peaceful sight to observe, the sound of the ocean calming. The colours are vibrant as the blue water births pure white foam against the golden sand. Please follow and like us:

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Abstract Girl

She is young and full of wonder. She is with form, but not yet tempered. She has no biased prejudices that twist her view of the world. She has only to learn and learn, before she attains permanence. But for now, she is an abstract girl. Please follow and like us:

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