Author: Ajay Pawar

Ajay Pawar is a Bangalore, India based guitarist/musician. Born in Pune, India, Ajay is a Supply Chain Consultant by profession who passionately engages in composing music after his full-time consulting job. He picked up a guitar for the fist time in his late teens and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He composes, records and produces music out of his bedroom studio. All his music is inspired by the events in his life. The project is an attempt to express the emotions associated with these events.


Dopamine is an attempt to capture the emotions that the brain navigates through due to excess or lack of Dopamine..Dopamine, the hormone responsible for addiction, makes you happy, sad, excited, makes you fall in love, makes you miserable after a heartbreak, keeps you motivated, makes you lose control, makes you judge your worth based on […]

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Abhiruchi is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means an unconditional interest in someone. The song is about falling in love with someone you have never met.

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