Author: Adyasha Nayak

I am inspired by the multitude of visual cues in everyday life—colours, designs, and patterns. I believe that every little thing—even that flickering street lamp—has a voice. I paint the familiar, to tell a unique story. The other half of my inspiration is the natural world—its stereotypes and idiosyncrasies.

the other person in the mirror

My perception of self has changed a lot. It changes with every person I meet and every change in my life. I have viewed myself through others’ eyes for so long, that when I look in the mirror, I see something different. It has taken me years, and constant practice to see who I truly […]

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A child’s smile is the purest, most sincere thing in the world. Witnessing these moments of joy takes one’s heart back to simpler times. Please follow and like us:

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Leaving behind the material world seems a monumental task for the modern individual. But a little bit of mindfulness can transform our lives. Sitting in a monastery, and watching the monk have a casual conversation, gave my mind the rest it needed. Please follow and like us:

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More fantastical than fairies and mermaids are the creatures of oceans. Grace and power together meld in their beautiful forms—that demand to be cherished. Please follow and like us:

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The red of the handmaid’s cloak stands out against a drab, dull world—almost-ghost-like. And she is tied to an ever-present noose—the new order of a totalitarian regime. The regime that has stolen her body, and her freedom. Please follow and like us:

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