Author: Abi M Pulikeezh

A visual storyteller, I write stories through my camera and with brushes. I am interested in capturing human stories. I would like to travel a lot, meet new people and learn about the stories of their lives.


Dichotomy: The division of two parts of a whole that completely contrast one another. Much like the fiery, bright, radiant day and the starry, dark, sunless night that represent two parts of a day, such is a dichotomy present in everything that lives. Whether it be a man or a butterfly, they are both dichotomous, […]

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An old man, an ascetic, sits by the side of the road, unminding of his surroundings. He seems wise with his ashen hair and colored forehead. He seems at peace, his face not folding at the creases of his skin. He is one of many, men whom have crossed the three stages in their lives […]

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I am Alone

The world moves fast, changing colours with changing faces, changing sceneries and changing places. And through it all in this overcrowded world, I am alone. There are people around me, but they never stay. They come and go like the seasons. And through it all, I am alone. Please follow and like us:

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