Our Team

Stephen Reuff
Art and Business Advisor
Stephen Rueff is the Arts Entrepreneurship department chair and a full professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Stephen earned his MBA from Presidio Graduate School and a BA from Empire State University.

Stephen was an executive producer for global corporate communications companies, producing events throughout the United States, across Europe, and southeast Asia.

In addition to his academic work, Stephen is the co-founder of SuperMonster市City!, where he explores the impacts of American pop culture through curating museum exhibits, publishing books, and more.

Varsha Goenka
Content Auditor
I hold a Bachelors degree in English literature and more importantly, hold very dear the companionship the language has provided me. Coming from a family of avid readers, somewhere while growing up, I unconsciously picked up the habit of reading. It opened the doors to a new and beautiful world.

 For a great part of my adult life, I have been a homemaker. Whenever time permitted I indulged in writing and teaching.

 I have always lived by the dictum of Milton-They also serve who only stand and wait. My wait was finally rewarded. A few years back I got the opportunity to equip myself to be a special educator. I spend a good part of my time assessing and remediating children with learning difficulties.

At this present juncture in life, a beautiful opportunity has come knocking on my door. I am looking forward to traversing the road to my Sangam with the young and dynamic team of RTS.

Samarth Karia
Tech Advisor
“I am a self-motivated learner with skills in technology. I like to solve problems with a results-oriented approach and have an entrepreneurial mindset. I have a varied exposure in multiple disciples like advertising, finance, psychology, research, and tech.”

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