Day: May 3, 2020


Oak caress.Cutlery slides riverside. Tree felling burns shards of heart Mirrored, the hidden twists and turns.Door lock heavy, open plan, and doors hanged.Lover on the sofa, soft.Breaking expressions, observing encodedStranger.White emulsion thermostat Doorknob metal hook rounded,The tin front demonstration,Media art. Close by small conversationAnd see-through smiles.What does it mean, the content and touchesSound and slides […]

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Step into my Skin

Step into my skinThe scaly, leathery, half-bakedcovering of my soul Step into my skinIt doesn’t feel the snow.It has long abandonedall inane sensesas it outgrew the womb Step into my skinProbably then you would knowThis moss,did not growSitting at home. Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy (Unsplash)

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Surrender, they saydon’t fight,accept.Don’t be deceivedby tricks of the mind,reach insidefinda selfgo delveas do Iin questions unanswered.How can one abandonthe quest?Answers eludeQuestions chaseHow can I secludeor, erasethe seismic triggerfor biggeruniversal divinity?Infinity is what I seein what they calltransient.Am I not meantto strive, to proveworth of every breath?There’s no deathyou say, for the soulroll the dice […]

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I am

I am meditation on the hills I am the sound of the rainI am the petrichor on a dry dayI am an open window and the view outsideI am a dream that you can’t remember   I am the phantasmal of the mind I am the power of the sun I am the buoyant force of […]

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Being Judgement

Standing in the shadewith lengthening shadowsI see surferssoaring with the tidesCoupleswalking hand in handon wet sand,Kidsbuilding castlesBandanas- bright green, orange, red..myriad hues and colorsfluttering threateningly,almost flying offthe small brown handsoffering them to every passerby.Everyone is living their day,as destinedor, designed.Do they grudge my shade?Or is it mecarrying the guiltof my own idleness? Picture by Sean. […]

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