Day: November 15, 2019


Dopamine is an attempt to capture the emotions that the brain navigates through due to excess or lack of Dopamine..Dopamine, the hormone responsible for addiction, makes you happy, sad, excited, makes you fall in love, makes you miserable after a heartbreak, keeps you motivated, makes you lose control, makes you judge your worth based on […]

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Small Bliss

Familiarity leads to comtempt and rarity leads to admiration. Ain’t sparrows the perfect example for that ? Anyhow, Jack or not, sparrows are always loved.

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The dancing girl in progression

A young girl in a beautiful Oddissi dance pose (watercolor on paper)

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Devotion to Destruction

The path of realizing oneself begins with loosing oneself. Devotion is one such path.

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Caught in the ultimate pose of excitement.

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