Burn Out

Simmer down.
What burns bright,
Burns out.

Ablaze and intolerant;
Nothing survives its wrath.

From places afar,
It’s light invites,
Those escaping morbid winters.

Frost and darkness,
Take many lives,
And those who still survive,
Travel to any emerging light.

They arrive,
And accept heat and shelter,
Heap praise over fires,
Burning bright,
In the middle of unforgiving nights.

In its comfort,
They rest.
Lay down their guard;
They close their eyes;
And never open them again,
To see the winter end.

Before the night,
Welcomes dawn,
The fire engulfs,
It’s grateful patrons.

In their sleep,
They are taken.

It’s victims,
Fuels it.
And so, it remains ablaze,
Luring more fleeing,
Captives of winter.

So, stay away from luring lights,
Build your own fires,
Survive the winter,
Not just solitary nights.

And soon,
The demon,
Will simmer down,
Burn bright
And then Burn out.

Picture by Maria Pop (Unsplash)

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