Ripped apart,
Downstairs she stares.

Rocking chair.
Old electrics ring as
Enough kitchen content
The devalue of bloodshed.
Dish cloth impale.
Hands wrung,
Dirty juts and cigarette butts.
Yellow fronts. Bowed
Dirtying hair.
Tablecloth canvas
Flash rinse.
Liar’s twist.
Fun loving blags
In centres and ends.
Golden the kitchen sink.
Washing up dry
Where quick hits hit.
A bass line. Bouncing
Off it’s silver manuscript.
Laughs grin and grind
Like flutters,
The mopped floor
A camera lens.
Tomorrow cuts from today.
Folded menu
His love lies within.
Strong white and fizzing
Cutlery jangles mismatched.
Washing line somber

Yesterday’s rain.
A ride rattles by.

Picture by Adrien Olichon

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