The Gardener

Summer heat,
Pathway, brickwork,

Cry –
Touch warm brown
On fingers weightless
Stroking through.
Green feather frills
Offering endless love.

Lain hollow blurs
Levels. Fast grief
Embeds remains.
Dirty rubble
Across grainy palms,
Drought submerged.
Running still.

Dancing winds
Dizzy energetic flip around.
Each striven flower
Scent cuts out.
Bare negatives root
Down to drink.

Aside the petals
Pressed in parts
On that paving stone.
Beats the owner,
Boot black in blocks,
Redder than sweetheart
Or my love.
From insane to adore
To cleanse.

Sharp circle.
Lips, tucked glass.
Touches and holds
On the inside.
Outside of rain drops,
Of wine drops,
Stroke like sunshine
Lifting middles.
Sweet insides,
Sweet song.

Picture by Vince Fleming (Unsplash)

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