Mother Divine

The worship of the Mother Divine according to the shakta cult of Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India transcends to a whole new level of imagination and devotion where even local goddesses of rural India have been included into the list Her innumerable incarnations and manifestations. Goddess ‘Shashti’ has an important place in Bengal where She is worshipped as a benevolent mother blessing young children and babies with good fortune and health where She is an incarnation of Durga. The story around her is different in south India where She is considered as the wife of Lord Murugan or Kartikeya! Throwing light on the patriarchal phenomena of life that exists in the Indian society, She has always been shown with a baby boy on her lap. This time, She prefers to have a daughter more than a son! Equality and freedom of expression and living is the currency of Modern India!

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