Dimensions stick to
This room,

Walls pulling in.
Static live as the bare lightbulb
Colour of her song.
Words mouth
A spell,
Waves spreading in parallels
Swift, in flight.
Collecting closer
White arrows,
Hitting every edge.
Haunts bouncing back
To the body like a
Dream of night-time ticking by.

Spread of chill
Winter dawn,
Eyes closing –
Softness opens
Like the midnight breeze
Bleeding through,
Warming breath,
Catching her sculpted
Ice like.
Moments watching side
By side, pleading for the next.
Building a photograph
Held in eyes and hands
That drain her.

Picture by Nolan Issac (Unsplash)

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  1. I must have read this 50 times. Thanks for all of these.

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