Another Day

Blood lines thin,
Blue veins twisting

Up and under
Around and around.
Flesh fresh thin
And ripe.
Through fingers and lips
Oval and submissive.

Soft creep out,
Pressure premeditated.
Hairline figure
Sliced perfect. Awake directionless.
Red bent
Jumping in and out
Of black.
Spectrum of sound.

Metal ringing on bones,
Free as shapes.
Identities bolder than genetics
Ego owned.
Underneath lives a bowed
Half – light,
Where scattered stones, stagger,
Through their life.
An estate charger.

The young sun plays
Hide and seek,
Gnarls chasing round,
Cool lines horizontal,
Are jolted by dead adverts
Shone apart from leaf decay,
Which stick to the factory humming,
Breaking down.

Picture by John Forson (Unsplash)

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