Day: July 28, 2019

Another Day

Blood lines thin,Blue veins twistingUp and underAround and around.Flesh fresh thinAnd ripe.Through fingers and lipsOval and submissive. Soft creep out,Pressure premeditated.Hairline figureSliced perfect. Awake directionless.Red bentJumping in and outOf black.Spectrum of sound. Metal ringing on bones,ConcreteFree as shapes.Identities bolder than geneticsTagged.Ego owned.Underneath lives a bowedHalf – light,Where scattered stones, stagger,Through their life.An estate charger. The […]

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I will tell Mama!

That day didn’t seem to pass as quickly as I wished because memories are cruel and come back like a boomerang. No matter how far you throw them away, they find you back! And memories which are your worst nightmares are hard to get over with.  Not every day you are scared of people until […]

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Angel silverCaged in yellow.Lover detail,A shadow on everything.Arched rainbow,Leaves of Summer Rattle absentAnd fall. Hand in palmCupped.Water with raptureAnd under-currentTwisting the aweIn femininity.Dry creased vesselSinging the beat of a storm.Mimicking tidal throws,Breaching vapour.Two, to and thro. Bodies entwined,Celtic loops,Antler and Moon.Feeling through burnt moss,And grassy dells.Close as drumming,Or breath Hush as legends.Laden pages openOr held […]

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I could feel the wind,Caressing each strand of hair,Gingerly attached to a scalp,That was raining down beads of sweat,That made their way,Through my facial grooves,Only just missing wide open eyes,And only just glancing the edges,Of a broad smile. I was riding.Green and pristine,On my left,And undisturbed waters,To my right. A night,Luminated by street lights,Had welcomed […]

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Dimensions stick toThis room,Walls pulling in.Static live as the bare lightbulbColour of her song.Words mouthA spell,Waves spreading in parallelsSwift, in flight.Collecting closerWhite arrows,Hitting every edge.Haunts bouncing backTo the body like a Dream of night-time ticking by. Spread of chillWinter dawn,Eyes closing – Softness opensLike the midnight breezeBleeding through,Warming breath,Catching her sculptedIce like.Moments watching sideBy side, […]

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