That 90’s Place

Do you remember those days when time was slower, everything was judicious , except love, and there was no urgency for validation? Everything had a meaning, the world was people centric and there was abundance of kindness and precious little imitation? Do you remember the lasting memories we made in that era? With thirty six precious shots on an analog camera? The weekly musical treat on a common television shared between 7 households showing only two channels, The verandah where children brought the roof down together but never forgot their manners.

How we eagerly poured through film listings every week in black and white newspapers… How we waved to those tiny airplanes in view thanks to the absence of skyscrapers… Where Saturday meant half day school, afternoon naps and gully cricket Sundays the dreaded oil bath and roadside tap queues to fill every bowl, every bucket.
Calls to the heart throb from that dull PCO Saved up bus money could give emails a go Quarterly letters from cousins were still in vogue though And yearly once that carnival called first day first show

We knew fragrances by name and where they wafted from… Freedom it was called the smell of summer hum Joy brewed slowly in an heirloom brass coffee filter Ecstasy from the neighbourhood’s 10 litre pressure cooker Empathy entered our hearts from a radio that played a favoured number Bliss overflowed in “how was the day” balcony conversations preceeding a deep slumber…

Time has quickened now, we’ve lost that familiar grace, Everything’s now picture worthy but mindfulness a lost case, Yet whenever life feels too much and tranquility is out of trace, I quietly reach for a memory tucked away in that 90s place!

Picture by Quino Al (Unsplash)

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