And nothing was said in return.

The streets, cars, and bikes;
Little Children and the adults,
That came with them;
Birds and stray dogs;
No honks, no chatter;
Not even a solitary bark.

All happened and not a sound.

The first time,
Spoken with anger.
Now with fear.

A few taps on the head,
Then bent down,
And an ear made contact with the ground.
Something, that moved or flowed;
Something would play a tune,
Or deliver a note,
But once again,
Not a sound.

Now desperate.
Perspiration and heavy breaths;
Teeth clenched,
And a thorough gaze.

More violent taps to the head,
And then with a deep breath,

Panting, smaller breaths,
And saliva turned red.
Teeth clenched again,
Deeper breaths.
Still no sound.

Now silent and,
Deep inside his head,
Eyes closed,
And thoughts gathered,
Images formed and played,
And played again.

Even inside, everything; everything,
On mute.

Eyes opened and ……..


Nothing was spoken.

Picture by Gabriel (Unplash)

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