Not me,
Bend Sun-rays around clouds
Soft and see-through.
Which steal evening shadows
From your blonde-brown hair,
Straight and styled
Into ruffles.
Sparkling as if nursing,
Foxy, tapping a drum
With each toke of his joint.
Dressing a vest top
Which twists into angles
As you dance
To another favourite song.
Chatting Buddhism in the garden
Crafted into excellent
Sound of the wind chimes
Talking wood
Amongst the trees and flowers,
Blooming aside talismans
Silver and geometric
Like jewellery that glows
Caressing a lover‘s hand
With love big
As lust and heart
Which bleeds for another,
Or just more.

Picture by Nijwam Swargiary (Unplash)

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  1. I am really enjoying these poems. Thanks for letting me know they are here.

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